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Cat Testing

Cat testing involves putting a leash and muzzle on a greyhound, bringing them into our play room and holding on tight. Then, we turn the cat loose. It's that simple. It's what happens next that gives us an idea of whether or not a greyhound will be "cat safe" or not. The cat usually doesn't want to move, but we try to get him to so as gauge that reaction as well.

What do we mean by...

Cat safe: The greyhound showed little to no interest in the cat, maybe sniffing a bit or ignoring the cat altogether. Greyhounds with this reaction are generally also small dog safe. Even if the cat moves, a "safe" dog will generally show little interest.

Cat Correctable: The greyhound shows a slight bit of interest whether the cat is sitting still or moving. A good swift correction and a shout of "NO!" is given. If the dog immediately shows no interest in the cat, the greyhound is deemed "Cat Correctable". This usually means the dog can learn to be around cats, but would not be trustworthy with a cat it didn't know. For example - the kitty that strays into the yard could be in danger.

Not Cat Safe: The greyhound shows quite a bit of interest even when the cat is sitting still. And if the cat moves, you better be hanging on tight to the leash. This type of reaction means kitty (and usually small dogs) would not do well to be with a greyhound that reacts in this fashion.

The cat is in no danger from this process.

While these tests give us a good idea of a greyhound's reactions to cats and small dogs it would be wise to introduce your greyhound to your cats and/or small dogs in the same fashion. Never, ever, leave a new dog alone with your current pets until you feel comfortable that it is safe to do so. This might mean days, or weeks, or months. Be vigilant when introducing your animals to each other. If a cat were to hiss at or claw the dog, the dog might react differently than it did during our cat test. We can also test a prospective greyhound with your current pets and periodically retest to see if there are any changes once a greyhound settles in at our kennel. 

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No outside pets are allowed in the kennel without prior approval and proof they are up-to-date on all vaccinations, including Bordatella.